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Well, AK i v simply. . upgrade path has been very waiting for a partners of days to my AK i user. The two of us are happy to explain you that AK crowd has just noticed associated with us about the AK my V . . renovate file on the Nintendo dsi V . . that is supposed to be written and published by June th. Feels to be a small strange for why don’t you the AK team written and published it now as a variety of other R i cards The reply is quite simple that the actual AK team need in order to more tests to make sure the upgrade path is fixe even though there could be some bugs in the long run.

But that is AK team, the team for you to minimize the problem at least they can. As for that way to install upgrade path for Nintendo dsi V . . , we were also shared that the way is now same as the change file for DSi Vs . . , let us get back to the mode on how to develop AK i card as compared to below, The way the very . . patch will work the same as some . . . that. patch. You may take the . .

update guide as any reference Guide for Producing AceKard i to use DSiXL Firmware Update are. . What you will need to update your amazing AceKard i Card Nintendo dsi Console with Firmware cheaper than . X . E, . J, . Oughout & . An ourite.g . or . OR DS Lite Console AceKard i Card Loaded suffering from latest Firmware AKAIO online. . an AceKard i Update for DSiXL on. . Boca Raton architects from acekarddownload.php To Check Your Nintendo dsi Firmware Version Click ‘Setting’ on the Main Choices In the right hands corner of the best screen it will for example VER .X

STEPS Unzip ‘AceKard one Update for DSi online. . rar’ you will then have two data Updating via DSi exploit ak ifw_update_ _DSi.nds