Poker online- Popular tournaments of online poker

Game of poker has always been seen as a rich man’s pleasure. However, with the transition of game to the online version is removing any such sobriquets. The poker online version on different situs poker online has given everyone an opportunity to experience the game. Irrespective of anyone’s economic status, many can feel the flavors of the game. The major advantage in poker online is that it is not a costly affair in comparison to offline version.

Moreover, the online version gives you many chances to acquaint yourself with the game. It is unlike to that of offline version. This article will brief you about the biggest tournaments that pay you hefty amounts. So stay with article till the last.

Introduction to poker online

Poker online, in terms, of the design of the game is similar to the offline version. However, there is a change in the rules and number of bets one can play with. The opportunities of earning are same to that of offline version. There are many websites that conducts tournaments of global scale and the chaps can earn easily in million dollars. Surprisingly, the godfather of poker ‘Dan Bilzerian’ is earning millions through game of online poker.

List of big level tournaments online

World championship of online poker

It is one of the biggest poker online tournaments that are conducted through an online platform. Participants across the globe vie for making their pockets deep. Interestingly, the tournament gets sponsors from poker stars. There is variety of games that are available on the table. From Texas hold Em to Indian version of teen Patti are the elements of surprise. The buy in amount is kept different for different variants of the game.

The best thing in the championship is that you get mock games to hone your game. In other words, it is basically done to charge you up for the game.

World poker tour championship

It is a popular tour championship that is available online and offline. The buy in range of the game is from $3000 to $30000. In addition to this, the winner of the tournament is also given membership of the popular poker clubs. The best part is as livebet88 the winner name gets public he is given a trophy with the player name written on it. To increase the popularity of the game, live telecast of the game is shown on the popular channels.

What makes these tournaments special?

  1. Tournament cash prize

Most of the online poker tournaments start with million dollars cash prize. Besides that, winning these tournaments help you in becoming world famous. Not only you get high cash prize, you also have the chance of getting enlist among popular players.

  1. Challenging nature

The game of these tournaments does not have any luck kind of thing. Winning tournaments requires exceptional skills and patience. Without it you cannot have chance of winning.


Hope, the above information will be sufficient enough to make you aware about popular poker tournaments. Also by enrolling yourself in these tournaments can easily make you famous.